Na filí - ...a kindly welcome

I don’t hate any one black person. I’ve even really like a few of them, but I can sometimes dislike them as a group. Or more like, I feel resentful sometimes.
I dislike that they get special treatment because of slavery. Nobody alive today suffered under slavery. Unless you were a victim of the horrific human trafficking that still happens, albeit rarely. I have Irish ancestors who were slaves, and me an my family don’t cry about it. Anyone asking for reparations really ticks me off. Who is supposed to pay for it? Me? Because I’m white? The English made my ancestors into slaves too. What whites would they figure should pay for it? What about those whites whose ancestors fought for the north in the civil war? How would you tell who people are? Not many had slaves. Only a very miniscule percentage of the population did. Would I get reparations if the blacks do?
Also there are so many things that the money would be far better spent on. Such as helping the Japanese contain radioactive waste from Fukushima as they can’t handle it on their own. Or education. They education provided in this country is lacking.
I dislike how they demand recognition/special treatment from everyone everywhere. They seem to want representation that is far greater then what is due for their population’s size in relation to the rest of the country’s population. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t shoved down our throats. Now companies that are only in white dominated areas will go out of their way to find blacks for their advertising. So they can be diverse. The same with jobs. They will skip over a white man for a less qualified black man, just so they can so how they don’t discriminate. It’s ridiculous with how far this all gets taken.
I disliked taking history when the teacher basically told the white students all of our ancestors enslaved all thing blacks, so we have to be sensitive to them. Not my ancestors. Not all blacks here today were descendants of slaves. Guilt for the future generation of whites and unhelpful timidity around blacks.
I don’t like anybody that blames whites for their problems. There are successful black people. And they didn’t get that way by blaming whites.
I dislike the culture some of the blacks have. I hate most rap as it is usually demeaning to women while promoting drugs, violence, and stupidity. I dislike the irresponsible parents, and not just blacks, who bring children into this world for welfare, the fathers who abandon their children, and the mothers who abandon their children.
I don’t like how scared people seem to be of race. You have to tip toe around certain words and stereotypes because the people of today are a bunch of babies. If I see whites start crying over being called a cracker, honkies, glacier niggers, albinos, recessive freaks, ghosts, and so on, I am going to flip out. Hearing about blacks beating whites and Hispanics in revenge for Trayvon Martin is upsetting. The blacks doing such things are only making fools of themselves.
I also get angry over the double standard I’ve seen from some blacks. If your going to hate a white for being racist, make sure your not racist as well, and realize that blacks can be racist. I really don’t care at all if people are racist. So what? Someone doesn’t like a group of people. boohoo. Unless they’re hurting people. Then, of course, it matters. I just hate the double standard.
One last thing. How we’re imposed upon. If I want to date only other whites I’m viewed as a bad person. If I want to stay in an all white neighborhood and live with only with other whites I’m a bad person. If I want my kids to marry within their own race I’m a bad person. I think of it as preserving our heritage and culture, living where we are most comfortable. It’s been this way in my family for generations and I won’t change it, even if people want to label me as an evil racist. I don’t see Asians, Natives, and Muslims vilified when they do they same. This has to be my biggest irritation. I don’t have to wish ill on anyone to want keep to my race.
These are just the things that have me resentful at time. I know that in no way do all blacks do all/are responsible for all of these, or even any one of the issues I have. I don’t hate anyone. Many blacks that I have met have been lovely people.
I can image that anyone who says they hate black people they may hate them for the things that have irritated me, even though it’s really a broad generalization.

Debra Brown Sprindale, OH. My question is based on my belief that though things are better in the US between the races (by ‘races’ I mean Blacks and whites ...