Elisabeth wiener - pochette surprise

Works by Leonard Bernstein, Arnold Schönberg, Johannes Brahms

Jane Birkin, Bernadette Lafont, Elisabeth Wiener and Emma Cohen are 4 pretty girls rooming together. After witnessing and accidentally helping several thugs get away with a heist, the women... See full summary  »

Miniature chests, books, draws, hat boxes and similar actually turn out to be chocolate boxes. I’ve seen the look of delighted surprise on someone’s face when they pull open a dresser draw to reveal the mini pralines within.

The third and last obstacle is our very limited knowledge. Somehow the layman imagines that a schoolmaster's life is an easy one. That it certainly is not. I can truthfully say that during term time I myself, like all my colleagues am fully occupied with school duties from 8 . until often long after midnight. The mythical long holidays are hardly existent in summertime: camps, farming, looking for next term's books, and many similar activities bring the holidays to an end before most of the necessary things are done. The schoolmaster of to-day has no time for reading, studying, research. And yet, if we want to teach “current affairs”, ., permanently new matter, we cannot afford to grow stale.

Digital Forensics student Elisabeth Dubois is working on a digital lab business proposal for The Global Child,a non-profit school in Cambodia for children who otherwise would be working on the streets. Elisabeth developed the plan based on what she had learned in the classroom as well as through her research. See story and video.

Elisabeth Wiener - Pochette SurpriseElisabeth Wiener - Pochette SurpriseElisabeth Wiener - Pochette SurpriseElisabeth Wiener - Pochette Surprise