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La Journée nationale du sport scolaire est une grande fête pour promouvoir le sport scolaire. Elle a lieu chaque année en septembre. Dans les écoles, collèges et lycées de France, des manifestations sportives et ludiques réunissent les élèves,des membres de la communauté éducative ainsi que des partenaires du monde sportif. L’objectif de cette journée est de promouvoir le sport scolaire, de montrer le dynamisme de près de 2 millions d’élèves licenciés et d’attirer de nouvelles recrues.

In the second scheme (the “Uganda Scheme”), HO caused a $500,000 bribe to be paid, via wires transmitted through New York, New York, to an account designated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, who had recently completed his term as the President of the UN General Assembly (the “Ugandan Foreign Minister”).  HO also provided the Ugandan Foreign Minister, as well as the President of Uganda, with gifts and promises of future benefits, including offering to share the profits of a potential joint venture in Uganda involving the Energy Company and businesses owned by the families of the Ugandan Foreign Minister and the President of Uganda.  These payments and promises were made in exchange for assistance from the Ugandan Foreign Minister in obtaining business advantages for the Energy Company, including the potential acquisition of a Ugandan bank.

Submit paper proposal Baller, Susann P 06 ‘ Doing the City’ – Socio-Spatial Navigation in Urban Africa Earlier studies on urban Africa mainly looked at rural-urban migration and social change. Today, many Africans have been born and bred in cities, where challenges of urban life, such as the lack of infrastructures, the prevalence of informal livelihoods, or the mushrooming of make-shift settlements persist. In their daily life, individuals have to constantly pay attention to the social worlds through which they move and to initiate and maintain relations with relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, work mates, and representatives of public authority, each of whom may be instrumental in solving everyday problems. Some authors have employed the concept of ‘social navigation’ for the constant necessity to ‘read’ and respond to the urban environment.
This panel asks how socio-spatial navigation connects city dwellers to the cities they live in. Navigation comprises skills such as embodied knowledge, routinized sense-making procedures, and verbal and non-verbal strategies that enable urbanites to ‘find their way in the city’ and ‘to do their city’, that is: learn, re-assemble, make sense of the urban space. How are these skills employed in reading and describing the cityscape, in mobilizing social relations, or in manipulating notions of belonging to particular social categories? How do urbanites become competent in dwelling and moving in urban spaces, and how do these spaces in turn make the urbanites?
The panel welcomes contributions on practices of ‘doing the city’ in urban Africa. We are interested in papers that explore the theoretical, empirical, and methodological potential of ‘doing the city’ for Urban and African Studies.

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Veronica has shown a passionate commitment to student leadership, aiming to make her surrounding community more welcoming and inclusive, and a dedication to success in mining academics.

Various - À L'occasion De Son 5eme Anniversaire Virgin Vous Offre La Première Invitation En StéréoVarious - À L'occasion De Son 5eme Anniversaire Virgin Vous Offre La Première Invitation En StéréoVarious - À L'occasion De Son 5eme Anniversaire Virgin Vous Offre La Première Invitation En StéréoVarious - À L'occasion De Son 5eme Anniversaire Virgin Vous Offre La Première Invitation En Stéréo