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So special that a limited edition production run of only ten units will be released in our first offering, the Jones Deluxe is the result of pairing our aerospace-precise machining and fitment with maybe the world’s greatest artisan Master Hand-Polishers. These rarities of human patience dedicate several days working under microscopes to hand finish every piece of the Jones Deluxe – from the Cabot Gun’s proprietary TriStar trigger to the Deluxe’s better-than-mirror polished slide release – to a final perfection of less than two-microns . For comparison’s sake, the average human hair is 75 microns across. The result of their efforts cannot be photographed accurately, and the breadth of human language struggles to provide a description befitting of their work.

Standard Features - Amsec TF5517E5 The TF5517E5 is an economical, trusted safe to protect your valuables! With its 3/16" solid steel plate door, and its 30 minute at 1200 degree fire protection, it leads in its class as one of the best. The safe comes standard with an illuminated UL listed electronic lock. While this is all great, it is still topped off with a lifetime warranty against theft and fire! Quick Specifications: Security 3/16″ Steel Plate door with 2 layers of fire insulating...

Gun - Better DaysGun - Better DaysGun - Better DaysGun - Better Days