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By the mid 19th century (1851) the Colloidion process solved a problem plaguing the photographic processes by merging the advantages of the previous processes. This resulted in a universal acceptance aided by the industrial revolution of the era. The Colloidion process merged advantages of its predecessors building on that to solve the need for durability. The late 19th century saw another shift in photography with the launch of the Kodak camera in 1884. General use of the camera was being marketed and ease-of –use created more appeal as photographers no longer had to carry plates and chemicals, cameras were easier to move around. In the early 20th century (1901) the first mass-produced camera debuted. From the early 19th century photography has been undergoing a remediation from one form to another. Art and technology have had been progressively influential in the development of photography from inception leading to the portable camera which solved the problem of mobility and ease of use and further influenced the influx of ore enthusiasts into the burgeoning profession.

We live in a new era where marriage has become disincentivized for men by the risks of capital loss in divorce that overwhelmingly favors women with cash & prizes. Now add to this the increasing ego entitlements of women to high value men. As the prospect of marriage looks less and less like a good deal for men wanting to protect themselves there comes a need for women to create ways to bypass the requirement for marriage to access men’s capital. Enter the era of increasingly more nebulous, acrimonious, accusations of sexual harassment or assault and de facto believability of women’s testimony. Exit the era of frivolous divorce (okay maybe not entirely) and enter the era of more easily accessible capital via frivolous sexual assault lawsuits.

O.B.I. - Revolution Starts NowO.B.I. - Revolution Starts NowO.B.I. - Revolution Starts NowO.B.I. - Revolution Starts Now