Steppenwolf - wolftracks / paradox

Following this tour, while Kay was recording his second solo album in 1973, McJohn and Edmonton continued to play and formed a band called Manbeast. Some of the material created in the Manbeast days showed up on the 1974 Steppenwolf reunion album, most notably "Gang War Blues", which was recorded as a demo with Edmonton singing slightly different lyrics.

The Second is the second studio album by Canadian-American rock band Steppenwolf , released in October 1968 on ABC Dunhill Records. The album contains one of ...

Featuring a style that incorporates psychedelic music and hard rock , the release has received critical acclaim both when it came out as well as in later years. For example, Allmusic critic Bruce Eder stated that, though "highly derivative" of their first album, The Second had "very hard and edgy" tracks with the band "in excellent form". [1]

Steppenwolf - Wolftracks / ParadoxSteppenwolf - Wolftracks / ParadoxSteppenwolf - Wolftracks / ParadoxSteppenwolf - Wolftracks / Paradox