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T ODD , J AMES T., and M ORRIS , E DWARD K., eds. 1994. Modern Perspectives on John B. Watson and Classical Behaviorism. Westport, CT: Greenwood.

Such an unusual interpretation of legendary Sherlock as Elementary (which is now renewed for the 4th Season) is doubtlessly a worthy seeing. In this series a genius detective is presented by a former drug addict, who was sent to New York for medical treatment in a rehabilitation center. At the end of treatment he appears in Brooklyn as a consultant to the NYPD. He leads investigations together with his companion, Dr. Joan Watson who is an observer hired by his father.
Download the new season (or the first one if you haven’t seen it yet) and plunge into the atmosphere of intricate crimes and rapidly changing circumstances. In spite Sherlock Holmes’ being no longer a drug addict, hid former addiction gives a few very interesting branches of "Elementary’s" plot development which show the audience that the drug is commonly breaking lives, and not building careers.

Wilson, whose business mainly operates in evenings, was well-paid, receiving four pounds a week for several weeks (equal to £330 today); the work was obviously useless clerical work in a bare office. Finally one morning, a sign on the locked office door inexplicably announced that “THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE IS DISSOLVED”…

As the new year rolls around the Government is committing to increasing police numbers in an effort to combat aggravated robberies.

Former president john quincy adams represented the slaves before the Supreme Court, making an impassioned argument for their freedom. The Court, in United States v. Libellants of Schooner Amistad, 40 . 518 (15 Pet. 518), 10 L. Ed. 826, affirmed the district court and agreed that the Africans were free persons. By the end of 1841, thirty-five of the Amistad survivors had sailed for Sierra Leone; the rest remained in the United States.

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Doc Watson - Elementary Doctor Watson!Doc Watson - Elementary Doctor Watson!Doc Watson - Elementary Doctor Watson!Doc Watson - Elementary Doctor Watson!