Torn and frayed - bad juju

Back in Texas, Dean visits Sam’s hotel room to apologize for misleading him about Amelia ’s safety, but Dean insists he was right about Benny's innocence. Unsure how to resolve their current stalemate, the brothers part ways for the moment. Elsewhere, Castiel is summoned before Naomi, and given instructions to rescue Samandriel, before having his memories blanked again.

In fact, Al Perkins , a good friend and collaborator of Parsons', appears on the track and performs the song's pedal steel guitar . Jagger performs lead vocals and is accompanied by Richards on backing. Richards provides the song's base of acoustic guitar and electric Telecaster. Mick Taylor bass and Charlie Watts performs drums. Organ is performed by Jim Price and piano is played by Nicky Hopkins . [2] Recording took place at Los Angeles' Sunset Sound Studios between the months of December 1971 and March 1972.

Torn And Frayed - Bad JujuTorn And Frayed - Bad JujuTorn And Frayed - Bad JujuTorn And Frayed - Bad Juju