Chemotex - thulsa

Now releasing under his own name and as Chemotex, his Trilogy Tapes output as the latter have twisted blasts of noise and even the incessant shrill of a telephone ringing into bangers that would go off on a system. As prolific as ever, his latest 4 track 12” Thulsa is the 10th release on the label so far this year. It features some of the most club-oriented cuts that Cabral has put out so far. The A2, “Delta City”, is most indicative of this, a full-on techno banger that hits with the force of a sledgehammer. The razor-sharp hi-hats cutting through the murky, thudding bassline that lies beneath.

Chemotex - ThulsaChemotex - ThulsaChemotex - ThulsaChemotex - Thulsa