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While many don’t appreciate the word “fight,” some do, Crowe tells me. We should pay attention to the language they use. “Sometimes, people do need a sense of resolve, something to bolster them to get out of bed and that metaphor of fight can do that,” she says. “Even Quakers who are nonviolent Pacifists have a line in sports events and it goes, ‘Fight! Fight! Inner light! Kill, Quakers, kill!’ That can mobilize people. It’s a rallying call to get through another day. So I wouldn’t give up on that language if the person is still using it.”

I got my first compliment from this fragrance today. I have had this bottle for a few years now. And I do like it. I wish the longevity was a lot stronger on it. The tobacco note is very nice. I am starting to get a real hook on tobacco notes in frags and I like the very rugged and extremely masculine. And can we please talk about the bottle! One of my favorite bottles actually. I love the script on the hand and just overall adds to the look and feel of the scent. This is the only diesel frag that I own. Tbh, it has a very young vibe to it. Younger people can wear this very well, and I think it is more suited towards them (I am only 25 BUT I am also referring to people my age and downwards).

Would I buy again? Probably not. This to me is like a stepping stone fragrance. You smell this, all the notes in it, and you build your pallet and move to more complex scents. Still overall, a great fragrance.

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Brave Combo - Very Early RecordingsBrave Combo - Very Early RecordingsBrave Combo - Very Early RecordingsBrave Combo - Very Early Recordings