Srđan gojković - muzika za film tv i muzej

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Srđan "Žika" Todorović ( Serbian Cyrillic : Срђан Тодоровић), (born March 28, 1965) is a Serbian actor and musician , best known for his role as Miloš in the controversial 2010 horror film Srpski film . Todorović has served as a member of numerous bands, including Ekatarina Velika , Disciplina Kičme , Radnička Kontrola and Bezobrazno Zeleno .

In autumn 1983, Gojković and Ivan Stančić "Piko", influenced by the New York City underground scene, formed the band Hijene ( Hyenas ), and recorded the album WooDoo za početnike ( Voodoo For Beginners ). However, dissatisfied with the record label treatment, the album was never released, but it did inspire the recording of the band fifth album Distorzija ( Distortion ). The next discography release was the unexpected cover album Les Chansones Populaires (French for Popular songs ), produced by Gojković, Đukić, Toni Jurij and Piko Stančić, who also played drums due to Čavajda being in prison, featuring eight cover versions, including the David Bowie " The Man Who Sold The World ", " Metal Guru ", The Doors " When the Music's Over ", and Little Eva " Locomotion ", the latter also released on single. The tour following the album release featured Mango Kuštrin on drums.

In the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Missing Identity" Patrick finds a record of the band Sting Ray 5000 in a dumpster. In a Serbian language version of the episode, the name of the band is translated as Pasta ZZ.

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Srđan Gojković - Muzika Za Film TV I MuzejSrđan Gojković - Muzika Za Film TV I MuzejSrđan Gojković - Muzika Za Film TV I MuzejSrđan Gojković - Muzika Za Film TV I Muzej